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Heating Your "Bobbie" ~ Bridestowe Tasmanian Lavender Heat Pack Bear


The Adorable "Bobbie" ~ Bridestowe Tasmanian Lavender Hear Pack Bear

Are you wondering how to heat your "Bobbie"? If so, you will find the heating instructions on a tag between "Bobbie's" legs.

  • Heat in Microwave on High for 2 Minutes Maximum per Use.

To be extra safe, Charles, our TLG manager, usually recommends heating on high for 1 minute and then testing. If "Bobbie's" not quite warm enough, then try another 20 seconds first. He suggests this as each microwave is different. So, until you can gauge how yours will heat "Bobbie", it is better to underheat him than to overdo it.

Once heated, your "Bobbie" will give you cuddly Lavender scented warmth for between 20 – 30 minutes before you need to microwave him again.