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"Celebration Bobbie" ~ Special Edition Bridestowe Tasmanian Lavender Heat Pack Bear


Limited Time ~ Free Gift with every "Bobbie" Purchase (Valued at $10.95)

A full size Bobbie the Lavender Heat Pack Bear wearing his celebration jacket for Chinese New Year!

Everyone loves "Bobbie" and you will too! He's cuddly and warm and smells oh-so-lavender! And since he's a lavender filled heat pack bear, you can pop him in the microwave and really have a good snuggle.

Tasmanian Lavender Gifts are quality approved and authorised stockists of Bridestowe Lavender Estate products which, of course, includes the ever-so-famous "Bobbie" ~ Bridestowe Tasmanian Lavender Heat Pack Bear.

Therefore, you can feel confident in purchasing your AUTHENTIC "Bobbie" from us. And once you receive him, you'll be able to Verify Your Bobbie as our guarantee.

Dimensions ~ 30 x 20 x 10 cm

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